, can you trust them?

We have recently looked into Bitcoin, found it a great idea and decided to experiment with it, integrating Bitcoin to mobile Apps and NFC chips. When you learn more about the process, very soon your reach the part about mining coins. The idea of having coins (or money) generated at home is fascinating. Obviously you will look for the best hardware for this "noble" purpose.

When it comes to Bitcoin mining hardware one must take into consideration that Bitcoin is the “next big thing”. So Bitcoin miners are not easy to get (list of miners, one has to pre-order or get a used one online. Pre-ordering doesn’t always mean you get the hardware, or it will get delayed, reducing your ROI to nil.

After looking at several mining hardware manufactures we stopped at, which has good hardware (according to reviews and is based in Switzerland, same as we are. So looked like an obvious choice.

However after looking at their website and the latest news (, we were in doubt. Looks like Bitmine is concentrating on hosted mining, also Coincraft Rigs are not available anymore (

So the main question stays open, can we trust as our business partner, or look somewhere else?


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CoinCraft Desk in Action, YouTube video:

Update 12.11.2016

This post was first published in 2014, since then we got many comments containing complains about their service. And in May 20th 2015 the news come in, Bitmine AG file for bankruptcy protection in Lugano, Switzerland. We still believe the hardware these guys were product was not bad at all, it said they were not able to deliver and make majority of their customers happy. At ClickOn we are still using their CoinDesk machines to harvest Bitcoins for testing!

Bitcoin price today 29.08.2017

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Bitcoin price today 22.11.2016

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