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Autohaus Schiess AG

Project type

Company video

Autohaus Schiess AG wanted to have an Image Film that would be innovative, fresh and would not cost a fortune.

The film was supposed to be uploaded to the new website and give a nice insight of how they work – a day at Autohaus Schiess AG.

Our solution

To stay within the budget constraint we went with a video blog style and did not send in a huge team just only one videographer. He had smart and simple DJI equipment consisting of a handheld gimbal and a video mic from Rhode. That is it.

He even did some of the shots on a skateboard instead of renting a trolley. We also used our drone as a simulated cable car camera.

It was a lot of fun diving into the daily routine of Auto Schiess and bring some fresh air into it.

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  • Overview of what we did

    • An entertaining movie giving you an insight into a day at Autohaus Schiess AG
    • Serious and nice impression
    • Gave a possibility for customer to experience the whole spectrum of the service the company is offering

    Full video is published online here