Corporate Identity & website


Conelius Kistler


Website, CI Design


Rapid Prototyping for fast CI design iterations, UI/UX design, WordPress Backend, Timeline, Animation of Golden Wave Polygon Pattern, Web Development


For every new business, like – the future of yachting, one of the most efficient and important marketing tools remains a good web presence.

The main challenge with this project lay in the rather tight deadline to deliver before the Boatshow Boot 2016 in Düsseldorf.

Custom design and high expectations on unique branding underlined the need to set up a team with multiple skill sets.

The core requirements:

  • Develop a Corporate Identity that is next generation for the yacht business but underlines trust and seriosity
  • Animation design that looks high quality but does not compromise page speed
  • Fast delivery on a tight deadline

Consulting towards a digital Solution

ClickOn’s lead designer Povilas quickly understood it was mandatory to set up a design process that allowed for rapid prototyping and easy management of comments for each iteration in order to deliver on the challenging deadline.

A team consisting of UI/UX designer, animation expert and front end developer took on the challenge to think outside of the box and find creative solutions to achieve the desired goals in the given timeframe of a few days.

Our solution

As time was a scarce ressource we decided to go for a hardcoded content website and integrate the WordPress Plugin at a later stage.

With the idea of a wave pattern consisting of multiple polygon shaped structures coming from the client the design team was able to quickly iterate in to what is now the golden wave pattern.

The results

  • Corporate Identity is unique, high quality look & feel and works for all media
  • Website was delivered on time and with the desired animation effect
  • Even Businesscards could be designed and printed in time