Create guests CSV in Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common ways to manage your guest list. You may already have your guests in an Excel file or you used our Excel template to create one.

Important is that your Excel file has 3 mandatory fields First name, Last name, and Email address. Please remember that you may leave Email address column in case you have no real guest emails. See example below:

Guest List in Excel

The Guest List App cannot import guests from an Excel file directly. What we have to do is to use an intermediate format called CSV (read more about it here). To convert your Excel file to CSV you have to got to File->Save as and select File format as Comma Separated Values, may also be named CVS UTF-8 (Comma delimited), see screenshot below.

In case you only see Comma Separated Values as an option, please also check our support article regarding encoding format of your CSV file.

Once you have your CSV file you can load it to your smartphone or tablet (with Guest List App installed) over iTunes Files Sharing for iPhone/iPad or using Google Drive for Android phones and tablets.