The 7 Megatrends of the Digital Transformation

‘Digitization’ and ‘digitalization’ are two conceptual terms that are closely associated and often used interchangeably in a broad range of literatures. This article argues that there is analytical value in explicitly making a clear distinction between these two terms.

What are the 7 global megatrends in the near future?

The answer is complex. But in complexity one can also find simple principles.

We were invited to the “Amedis Partner Tagung” in Zürich this June and had the chance to listen to Dr. David Bosshard, CEO of Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut near Zürich talking about Digital Transformation and how companies must adopt to this change.

Digital Transformation

What are the 7 global megatrends in the near future? The answer is complex. But in complexity one can also find simple principles.

Digitalization is imminent, software is eating the world

Convergence is driving change – the orientation is going away from thinking of industries to diversify by functionality. Through small, smaller, micro tasks becoming the business models of responsive, agile startups, huge corporations will struggle to maintain the control over their long built business model and processes.

The customer comes first, and if the cost of change is lower than the positive outcome the consumer switches sides instantly. It is becoming easier to convince even conservative groups with the better business model blurring the line between human and machine collaboration. If the consumer feels that he is winning, he will adopt to new behaviours.

The needs

  • Culture > Will to change, learn and implement
  • Infrastructure > The basis for connectivity, speed and systems
  • Economy > Business models which shall enable broad success

Leading with conversation and the ability to convince people will be a key success factor in the non hierarchic organizations rising today. Influence and mind design are keywords that describe skill sets of tomorrow’s decision makers if they want to stay on top of the game.


The 7 global mega trends that will shape our future

  • Digitalization > Small Robots, 3D Printing, AI,  IoT, Drones, Wearables etc.
  • (De)Globalization > “win-win” vs. “lose-lose”
  • Demography > 100 is the new 60, dreams vs. memories, well aging
  • Individualization > Post family going solo society with girlpower and diversity
  • Urbanization > Cities vs. Nations, multiurban vs. multinational, innovationhubs
  • Work Environment > Flexibility, on demand, learn to learn, “bleisure”
  • Consumerization > Personalization, sharing, convenience, speed, feedback, rating


The consumer’s choices are exploding. This means radical change.

Investment into digitalization is a must from back to front office

Investment in employees, the individual success driver is the key.

New forms of cooperation will disrupt the integrated value added chain and go beyond cooperations and silo thinking Quality of Conversation. Order is passé, conversation is key.

Innovations will happen in small teams with individuals.

Presentation insights

Copyright and courtesy of GDI and David Bosshard, 2016.

Source: Digitalization or Digitization