Astronomia Watch App

The app to set up the most complex watch


Jacob & Co

Project type

iOS App

Could you imagine for one second that the sky is on your wrist ?

Complete madness, you could say… Well Jacob Arabo did it and Jacob & Co designed the Astronomia Sky. This is one of the most complex watches we have ever seen at ClickOn.

The accuracy of this mechanical movement watch and the abundance of details makes this timepiece one of the most complex and fascinating timepiece. It measures the sideral time and displays precisely the sky over your head at any given location on the globe.

This beautiful watch has a mechanical movement so while setting up this “jewel” correctly is paramount to ensure the accuracy of the data displayed.

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In order to make sure that Jacob’s clientele could set up their watch by themselve, ClickOn created an iOS mobile app that helps for the lucky Astronomia owner. Whenever they travel and need to change the clock the Astronomia app is here to help them with the set up.

Our solution

Our goal was to to make the setup as simple and handy as possible for Jacob’s customer, At first we had to understand the movement of the watch. After a thorough analysis of the product, we were able to come up with a 5 steps approach for the setting of an Astronomia Watch.

5 Steps process

1. Winding

As a mechanical movement, this timepiece may need a little winding.

2. Day & Night Setting

Then the user must set the planet in the center part of the Astronomia watch. It provides the information of night or day. In fact it varies on the position of the terminator (line that separate day and night) on the globe.

3. Time Setting

Thereafter the user can set the next feature of the watch. The time setup works traditionally by turning the handle clockwise on the back of the watch.

4. Date Setting

To set up the date correctly use the wheel on the side, which is shown with a side view of the timepiece on the app.

5. Sidereal Time Setting

The user must position the oval indicator on the stars and constellation shown on the front view of the watch in the app.