Currency exchange Portal for Liberia

Project name: AfricMoney

Main purpose of the project is a web application where customers can convert funds from Currency A to Currency B and from Currency B to Currency A.

Application must include two wallets where customers can deposit, withdraw, or keep funds in. Currency Conversion means, Wallet A is debited,

and Wallet B is credited, or Wallet B is debited and Wallet A is Credited. Customers will be allowed to pull funds (deposit) from their Mobile

Money Wallet and using their Visa / Mastercard, then convert the funds and withdraw only to their Mobile Money Wallet. Customer experience is a key part of this application as we want to avoid making the browser go many pages.

More details in the Email from [email protected] tagged AfricMoney Forex Solution Requirements.

Design inspiration and system flow to be taken from

3rd party integrations, keys to be provided by the client

Hosting and technology

The customer will host the project himself on a SSR capable hosting platform (Vercel, AWS etc.). Code base VueJS/NuxtJS Firebase/Firestore all NodeJS/Javascript.
Payment conditions: 50% upfront (current payment page), 25% after we deliver you the first version 25% on go Live. Project budget as agreed on WhatsApp: 800 USD