Digital strategy video for Aduno

Dynamic digital strategy presentation


Aduno Group

Project type

Video Production

The Aduno Group was looking for a way to translate the current presentation about their Digital Strategy into a format which would be more accessible to the audience presented to. Young, fresh and urban in design yet in line with their corporate identity were key requests to achieve an instant understanding of their products and services.

A highly professional powerpoint presentation loaded with data and insights had the tendency to overwhelm the audience and was not suitable for all situations.

Our solution

We have understood the complexity of the Aduno Group’s products,  services and the need to explain them in detail with qualified facts and analyses.

The solution was our Dynamic Presentation for the iPad combined with a customized image film, because a video introduction would allow an easy introduction to the topic.

We suggested a two step approach:

  1. Create the video presentation
    • Creation of concept
    • Art Direction
    • Film Crew
    • Postproduction
  2. Create iPad App with dynamic presentation
    • Interactive, clickable slides
    • Transformation of existing power point into new interactive format
    • Custom animations
    • Bespoke design
Play Video

After a workshop, we came up with a storyline that tells the real world use of the Aduno products and services.

We created seven chapters for each service or product and have illustrated these in various daily situations to have a more personalized approach for every customer.


For this we casted actors from Aduno and assigned them a specified situation.


To get the young urban style, we decided to work with a fixed camera angle, fast cuts and only few movements of the actors. Each of these actions is assigned a signature sound that repeats itself over the 7 chapters. This set the pace and tempo so that the viewer can concentrate more on the important parts of the payment process.


In this blog you only see the trailer with the key scenes cut into a power movie.


The full 7 chapters were shown at the annual company meeting in September 2016.