Digital Survey for BENU

Customer Satisfaction survey


BENU Pharmacie

Project type

Web Development

BENU has been looking for a modern solution to gather information about the opinions and suggestions of their customers and to improve their services.

The development of a printed survey would be costly and probably not provide the expected return rate. Another problem of the Pharmacies group is the lack of information and data about their customers that would allow them to engage more often with their faithful customers.

Our solution

To make sure the survey is available for all devices we opted for a web solution allowing mobile, tablets as well as desktop users to access the survey from the Internet. To insure the validity of the data and the security of the platform we collaborated with Pharmatic to issue a physical code that the customer receive at the POS from the same printer as the one used for printing receipt. Thus each opinion was provided using a unique code that could be used in two ways: by scanning the QR code or by typing manually the 13 digits code into our system.

Solutions asked for BENU if they want to participate in a draw to win a spa weekend in Ovronaz. In order to get a chance to win they simply need to provide their personal data (email, phone & address). To make the survey user friendly we used a smiley concept to gather quantitative data (3 questions) and one qualitative data oriented question. To display the results of the survey we developed an analytics interface in which the management team of BENU could see a ranking of their best reviewed pharmacies and also thank for an exchange of data with Pharmatic by ranking their best employees.

Business impact

  • Over 2 months of having the survey online we gathered over an 100 responses a day
  • 97.9 % of satisfied customers
  • Over 6000 new customers provided their data for further engagement
  • Surprisingly the most used device to fill in the survey was desktop (54% of total users)
  • BENU collected over 6000 reviews about their employee