Drone Video for Sinfonieorchester Basel

Indoor and outdoor drone video footage


Sinfonieorchester Basel
& eyeloveyou.ch

Project type

Drone Video

Eyeloveyou.ch is the creative agency in Basel. They contacted asking to arrange an indoor and outdoor drone flight for the video and a photoshoot for their client Sinfonieorchester Basel.

Customer required some satellite images of dailyoverview.com so we fulfilled their prerequisite by using drone video.

Our solution

We used the proven yet versatile DJI Phantom Pro with the Zenmuse Gimbal and the X5 Pro camera with it’s micro four thirds sensor.

This drone can handle windspeed up to 40kmh and still rest stable in the air while delivering a shot with no single shaky frame.

Indoor flights are also easy to achieve due to the compact size.

Time from arrival until ready to shoot in the air is less than 5 minutes.

Play Video

The creative team and art director could follow on a 2nd iPad or any HDMI TV plugged into the 2nd remote control. This way we could even stream live view to LED walls or any other HDMI device.