Gallery and Making of GDI Trend day 2017

ClickOn GmbH was on 13th Trendtag 2017 and spoke about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and what companies in Switzerland have to pay attention to when implementing concrete projects in 2017:


Ask the right questions! Here is the link to the summary of the day on the GDI website:


We were very pleased with the great interest and the interesting exchange. If you have any questions, simply contact us directly by clicking on the button:

Selfies from the Virtual Reality Conference Tool VR Medusa

The Virtual Reality Conference solution VR Medusa was presented for the first time at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February 2017 and was immediately voted among the Top 10 Things to see at MWC17.


Afterwards, we went directly by air freight to the Trend Day2017 at the GDI. Here are some selfies during the Skype calls from Virtual Reality:

Making of Gallery - Trend Day2017

We didn’t believe it, but we were very close to deliver the Virtual Reality Equipment from Barcelona to Volketswil and Rüschlikon. In the end we managed to make it and were as tired as happy about the long journey.


We had many interesting conversations and were allowed to ignite some ideas. Here are a few outtakes from the assembly and dismantling: