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Jacob & Co manufactures revolutionary timepieces and jewelry for men and women. The company is regularly exhibiting at Baselworld Expo. To facilitate sales at various events around the world, they need a tool fulfilling catalogue functionalities, but at the same time a goal would be to improve their sales process by. Jacob wants to avoid the hassle of filling paper order forms, the search for reference number in order to increase their efficiency.

Consulting towards a digital Solution

ClickOn suggested the development of an iPad app that would be used for customer facing activities. In addition to providing a sophisticated look to the sales representative of Jacob& Co the idea was to provide them a tool which they could place the order of a timepiece without calling the production team. Ideally Jacob & Co can manage the content of the app by themselves which means that their product catalogue is always up to date, has the latest information and photos about the product.

Our solution

ClickOn developed an app with a very user-friendly interface base on the concept of e-shopping so that the tool can be used by any sales people with less than 20 minutes of training. The product catalogue is the central feature of the app and provide detailed images and printable descriptive text about the watches, as well as videos. The solution comes with a backend allowing Jacob&Co to manage the content over a secured platform, that also really easy to use. This system provide access to the client conditions (preset discount), to the sales statistics where the sales manager can monitor the performance of their team in real time.

The results

  • 20% increase in turnover on Baselworld Expo 2014/2015/2016
  • Flexible discount system for existing customers and new customer reducing computation time and efficiency of sales meetings.
  • Product images on invoices, all production orders are received electronically, no paper anymore.