Keynotes by Cornelius Kistler in 2017

Throughout this year Cornelius will speak in different events and conferences demonstrating ClickOn expertise for mixed, virtual reality and augmented reality. We will publish videos of the speaches regulary on this blog post so if you like it come back to see updates.

Also we will put information of events where ClickOn attends and which we find very interesting and noteworthy.
Cornelius’ video keynotes will be uploaded each on our Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channels.

Timeline of the recent keynotes of Cornelius Kistler

Swiss Retail Forum 9th of November 2017

Swiss Retail Forum 2017

World VR Forum Crans Montana 12th May 2017

Cornelius Kistler at World VR Forum 2017

MoMaKo2017 University St. Gallen

Swiss Shopping Center Forum 2017

IGEM Conference @ICON club Zürich

GDI Trendtag 2017