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Coach Maizet

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Video production

Coach Maizet wanted to show the personal training and the professionalism of his services in an appealing and engaging way. A Video is the best solution to transport information, lifestyle and emotion in one compact form.

Our solution

We have created a video which on one side reflects the versatile fitness talents of Coach Maizet and on the other side should motivate the spectators.

To give the film a certain dynamism and depth, we have designed the complete video in black and white and added a suspenseful music.

The task was to do the work as a one-man-show in front of the camera and to operate the device. For the recordings we used a drone to give the video more dynamics with movements from a distance and height.

The exploration of suitable locations such as abandoned warehouses was also part of the project.

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  • Overview of what we delivered:

    • Engaging video showing the training competence of Coach Maizet
    • High quality, sportive but focusing look & feel with black & white color grading
    • Successfully tested track & follow mode of the drone offering
    • Full video is published online here