AR Watch Apps for Baselworld 2016

New way of experiencing timepieces

The Event

Baselworld 2016

Project type

Android/iOS Development Unity 3D Development

Imagine what Augmented Reality can do for your business.

Experience top watches on your wrist. Try it out yourself, find out your wrist size for the perfect fit with Augmented Reality.

Our solution

The cylindrical tracking of the wristband which is wrapped around the wrist was a big challenge but we managed it with a custom tracking algorithm.


We applied high contrast patterns to the side of the logo on the wristband in order to have a continuous tracking flow when the user is turning the AR watch wristband.

Test it yourself

1. Download the App

2. Get the wristband

3. Enjoy

  • Put the wristband around your arm/handle and fix it with glue or a piece of tape.
  • Launch the App on your device and touch Start inside the App, now point the camera to your wristband and you should see a Watch around it, pretty cool isn’t it?
Play Video

The creative team or art director can follow on a 2nd iPad or any HDMI TV plugged into the 2nd remote control. This way we can even stream to LED walls or any other HDMI device.