Virtual Reality Conference tool Medusa

We know that the digital future is set to change our physical surroundings, which will be increasingly superimposed by virtual worlds.


At ClickOn, we love to do things just a little differently. As the buzz in our office grew about one particular new technology, we decided to bring it with us to the 13 th annual GDI Trend Day.

Boardrooms of the future

Hot off the plane from Barcelona and having been named as one of ‘10 top things to see’ at this year’s Mobile World Congress, VR Medusa has featured on TV and international news.


Why? It’s the future of business conferencing tool. But unlike a regular dial-in, this takes place in a stunning 3D virtual world of your creation. Only with ClickOn, at this year’s European Trend Day, you can have a meeting on a beach, or in space, or on the set of Avatar!


As GDI’s selected virtual reality experience partner, we are running demonstrations to the invited audience throughout the event. Our Virtual Reality Room will show how you can interact with Skype, get inside an Excel spreadsheet and take selfies with VR Medusa, a first for the Swiss tech scene.

Does mixed reality bring commercial success?

In a word, yes. That’s exactly what Cornelius will be telling the audience at GDI on 15 th March 2017. Speaking to over 350 invited CEOs, Cornelius will address the challenges – the pitfalls, unproven tech and inadequate preparation – that businesses should take care to avoid when making their investment decision, before going on to demonstrate how mixed reality can bring measurable revenue and commercial gain. Much like we have done for Hydros Innovation.


Mixed reality has significant potential in the B2B world. Stepping away from the gaming industry and consumer use, many businesses can gain competitive advantage in being early adopters of mixed reality, to improve client retention, acquire new business and elevated brand positioning. And we have the technical expertise and delivery capability to help all businesses.

Our special something for Basel World 2017

As well as VR Medusa getting its second Swiss outing, we’ve gone one better this year at Basel World. Last year, we debuted our augmented reality wristband. This time, we give you… our first ever HoloLens experience. Not just a first for us, but a first for Switzerland too.


HoloLens is simply the latest in mixed reality experiences. Taking you to another world, a new dimension, HoloLens gives you an incredible immersive experience no matter where you are. The potential for B2B use is incredible and our experience will leave you wanting more.

Enjoy your own VR experience

If you can’t make it to GDI European Trend Day or Basel World 2017, you can book your own ClickOn VR experience at one of our dedicated rooms. We will also make Cornelius’ speech available by podcast: to receive a direct download, please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a copy.

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