Jacob Arabo celebrates anniversary in Geneva

Jacob&Co, watch and jewellery maker, has celebrated its 30th anniversary in the luxurious boutique Montres Prestige Geneva. Jacob Arabo, aka “Jacob the Jeweler”, opened up a mini-exhibition “Sky Is Not The Limit”, showcasing latest innovations in watch and jewellery making.

The Astronomia Meteorite

The usual crowd of VIPs, guests and journalists had a change to discover the latest highlight from the brand, The Astronomia Meteorite. This timepiece belongs to the “Grand Complication Masterpieces” collection, known for the mind blowing complexity of Astronomia product line.


Astronomia Meteorite mirrors the celestial body – the fragment of an asteroid crossing the atmosphere and hitting the surface of the Earth. Meteors are marking the sky between 7 – 9 of August. If you missed your astronomy class in school read here for more on 2017 Perseid Meteor Shower.


There are only 18 pieces of Astronomia Meteorite produced so far, all individually numbered. So if you need one, prepare to wait. No indication on the price, most likely starts from 900’000 USD. Next great opportunity to experience Jacob&Co watches & jewellery is in Basel, Switzerland during Baselworld 2017, from 23-30th of March.

Jacob Arabo CEO & founder of Jacob&Co

Today the company celebrates 30 years in the luxury business. We began in 1986 with jewelry and a passion for watchmaking. in 2002 Jacob&Co becomes a watchmaking maison. And in 2014, we unveiled a prototype of the Astronomia‘s movement.

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Jacob&Co anniversary