Paper Guest List at events

We just came back from Dreamforce  event in Zurich, hosted by Salesforce, leading player in CRM business. The event was amazing, packed with great presentations and insights about latest technology developments. However, as many other events, at the check-in desk they had a paper Guest List to check-in visitors (see the picture above).

Those who know ClickOn and our products may already guess how do we feel about that. But think about it for a second. If event managers worldwide do use paper lists, there must be a reason for that? Below we listed Top5 reasons why use paper guest list at the event.

Top reasons to have paper Guest List

  • You just like to do things the good old way, print the list at the office and use a pen to check-in guests.
  • You think technology is not there yet. It takes too long time to setup and master check-in Apps etc.
  • Your current business process is not allowing you to switch to digital check-in.
  • You have a small number of guests, so no reason to bother at all.
  • You believe digital check-in is way more expensive, so paper is still a handy and inexpensive alternative.

The List is not complete? Send us your comments!

If you are an event manager still using paper we will be happy to hear your thoughts! Get in touch with us here. Brave enough to go digital? Click the image on the right to check-in guests on the iPad or Android Tablet.