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IMPORTANT: Because of the current COVID-19 situation we have reduced our operational capacity. 


Our babies

We are proud parents of these industry specific solutions

Event management Solutions

Manage guest lists intuitively on your tablet. Send RSVP landing pages by Email, track guest sign-ups. Use existing NFC/RFID badges to check-in at the event. Print PVC and paper badges on site.

Health Solutions

from B2B platforms to eShop and Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we have the experience.

Automotive Industries Solutions

Dealer management systems, automotive websites, mobile apps, vehicle QR-codes and many more. All our offerings are tailored to the Swiss automotive industry, connected over API's to Eurotax, car4you and AutoScout24.


B2B Sales App

A new way of experiencing timepieces

AR Watch for Baselworld. See what Augmented Reality can do for your business.

Our clients

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